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Colecționară de specializări profesionale și diplome aparent contradictorii, absolventă a United World College – USA și a Institutului Bancar Român, masterand eșuat al Centrului de Excelență în Studiul Imaginii, sunt un educator și coach cu vocație de voluntar. Lucru mai



My reflective learning diary – a not so daily record of ideas, events, projects, musings and things I learn and explore.


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In 'Learning at the Museum Frontiers', Viv Golding argues that the museum has the potential to function as a frontier: a zone where learning is created, new identities are forged and new connections made between disparate groups and their own histories.

Viv Golding Learning at the Museum Frontiers. Identity, Race and Power. (2009)

Quote of the Week

"In the same way art is nothing tangible. We cannot call a painting “art.” As the words “artifact” and “artificial” imply, the thing made is a work of art, made by art, but not itself art; the art remains in the artist and is the knowledge by which things are made. What is made according to the art is correct; what one makes as one likes may very well be awkward. We must not confuse taste with judg- ment, or loveliness with beauty, for as Augustine says, some people like deformities."

Ananda K. Coomaraswamy Why Exhibit Works of Art? (1943)

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